Children's Alphabet Sign Language Rug
Teach and sign the alphabet. Felt backing. Meets all relevant safety standards. Free Delivery

Children's Alphabet Sign Language Rug Aids Sign Language Learning

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Sign language can be used to reinforce language skills and help improve student attainment, in particular from birth to 6 years of age. The layout allows for group learning sessions. When children use sign language they are more engaged.

Studies have demonstrated improved behaviour, longer concentration, and better retention. Illustrations and clear hand signs will help children gain confidence in signing and have fun whilst learning. Teach and sign the alphabet and some common everyday phrases with this stylish and informative rug.

Our high quality nylon rug has double edged stitching, triple felt backing and a lifetime anti-static fibre.

Complies with relevant safety standards.

Layout allows for group learning sessions.

Size Specifications

W:2515 x L:3555mm