Childrens Farmyard Rectangular Rug With Animals

Childrens Farmyard Rectangular Rug With Animals Animal Found On The Farm

Price: £258.50

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  • Animal features
  • Anti slip backing
  • Meets all relevant safety standards
  • Free Delivery

Our playful farmyard rug contains many of the animals and features to be
found on the farmyard. Encourage children to talk about their day at the farm
and what they saw.
Manufactured from durable tightly woven nylon with a luxurious 9mm pile
and a latex anti-slip backing for strength and support.Meets relevant safety standards.

  • Life time anti-static fibre
  • High twist 100% nylon – prevents matting & crushing
  • Flexible back resists wrinkling
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Double stitching

Size Specifications

L: 2400mm x W: 2000mm