Childrens Round Life Cycle Play Mat
learn about life cycles. Anti-skid safety backing. Meets all relevant safety standards. Free Delivery

Childrens Round Life Cycle Play Mat Learn about life cycles

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The Round life Cycle play mat An excellent carpet for learning about life cycles and encouraging group discussion around this key topic.Manufactured from durable tightly woven nylon with a 3mm pile and a latex anti-slip backing for strength and support. Meets relevant safety standards.

Carpet Features:

  • Distinctive and brightly coloured, child friendly designs
  • Designed to encourage learning through interaction and play
  • Crease resistant with unique Rhombus™ anti-skid Dura-Latex™ safety backing
  • Abrasion resistant, laboratory rub tested to heavy duty standards
  • Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying
  • Nylon twist soft textured finish
  • Meets all relevant safety standards
  • Recommended for classrooms and soft reading/play areas

Size Specifications

D: 2000mm