Minibeast Caterpillar Floor Cushions
Can sit multiple children on six individual segments. Wipe clean fabric. Arranged into multiple shapes including a flower. Free Delivery

Minibeast Caterpillar Floor Cushions Modular Seating

Price: £139.60

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Minibeast Modular Caterpillar Floor Cushions are perfect for a quite learning area or group role play activities! These water resistant cushions can be used indoor or outdoors and are perfect for group learning through play.

The wipe clean fabric makes these portable and lightweight seats perfect for a classroom or nursery environment.


  • Can sit multiple children on six individual segments
  • Features high definition, dye sublimation printed caterpillar
  • Modular design can be arranged into multiple shapes, including a flower
  • Encourages discussion on caterpillars and lifecycles
  • Stackable for easy and compact storage
  • Bean filled cushions
  • Wipe clean
  • Perfect for reading corners and circles


Size Specifications

Per Segement is H200mm x D380mm