Children's Rainbow Rectangular Number Rug 1 - 30
Great for basic group numeracy skills. Felt backing. Meets all relevant safety standards. Free Delivery

Children's Rainbow Rectangular Number Rug 1 - 30 Seats 35 Children

Price: £406.79

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This Rectangular Rainbow Number Rug is a great aid for teaching children number recognition from 1 to 30. Large enough to seat 35 children. All our high quality learning rugs have doubled stitched edging, triple felt backing and a lifetime anti-static fibre.

  • Life time anti-static fibre
  • High twist 100% nylon – prevents matting & crushing
  • Flexible back resists wrinkling
  • Triple felt backing
  • Double stitching

Size Specifications

  • Width: 2515mm 
  • Depth: 555mm